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MX30 Pro

MX30 Pro
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Front Fascia Panel - MX30 Pro
MX30 Pro Front Panel ..
Ex Tax: £32.00
Potentiometer - 100KLin Long Shaft (D Shaped)
DL241 Expander, Threshold & Peak DL251 Threshold, Gain & Peak DL441 Threshold, Gain &..
Ex Tax: £2.00
Switch - 2 Pole Latching Pushswitch
MC3.1 Power MC1.1 A, B & RIAA 1978 PGM, Smooth, Rel Cur, Link & VU Pad MPA-90 Stand..
Ex Tax: £1.20
Switch - 6 Pole Latching Pushswitch
DS101 Source MC2.1 I/P1, I/P2 & Talkback DL241 Stereo DS404 Gating DL251 Stereo &..
Ex Tax: £1.80
Transformer - P122C
DS201 Mains Transformer DL241 Mains Transformer LA12 Mains Transformer MX30 Mains Transform..
Ex Tax: £14.00